Scholarship Funds

SOY HAS AWARDED hundreds of STUDENTS over the years thousands of dollars of scholarship money each for their college career. They earned money while in junior high and high school for good grades, and SOY also matched all of what they earned once they graduated and went on to college. The more advanced the class and the higher the grade the higher the reward. This encouraged hundreds to go on to seek higher education.

Due to the generous donations of a private donor, we were able to provide over $2,000,0000 in funding over a 10-year period for the students in our academic program during their school years at SOY and for scholarships upon their graduation.

We are now only able to provide our students in the academic program a scholarship upon graduation, but even this program is not secure without more donations to the scholarship fund.
 In June, we awarded the SOY graduating class of 2017 with $110,000 in scholarships. We are hoping to continue this program in 2019 and beyond with the generous donations from donors like you.

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Special Grants

Save Our Youth received donations December 2013, from two major Grantees. The Hull Foundation gave $15,000 to further SOY’s academic program, and The Orange County Community Foundation presented SOY a check for $5000 in recognition of its outstanding work supporting youths at risk in Costa Mesa.

Carol Ferguson from the OC Community Foundation stated that one of the determining factors for dispersing its grant was SOY’s ability to survive and thrive after losing its long time major donor almost two years ago.* She stated, “Determined to continue operating, SOY’s Board did what it had to do. It cutback staff and some programs, but continued its mission to serve Costa Mesa’s teens.” This sense of purpose and constancy, convinced the O.C. Community Foundation that SOY is here to stay.

*Note: SOY’s major donor gave almost $500,000 per year for its operations and its scholarship program which provided the youth money for college both during and after high school. The last money SOY received from its major donor was $450,000 in 2011.

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