Beyond Sight

SOY students get invited to a special movie screening of “Beyond Sight”. The real life documentary focuses on Derek Rabelo’s journey. Born blind, he learned how to surf and eventually set his goal to try and surf Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu. The students loved the movie and were ecstatic at the end of the film when Derek appeared in the front of the theater to answer some questions and talk about his experience.

A very special thank you to Vicki Wadman for making this activity possible!


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On Sunday March 9th I got the chance to go with Eddie and a few more SOY members to see the movie “Beyond Sight”. Not only did I have a great time with Eddie and the group but the movie was so heartwarming. “Beyond Sight” is a documentary about a young man named Derek who even though was born completely blind,  he still had the courage to learn how to surf . “Beyond Sight” is a life changing movie. I was truly touched and it made me realize that no obstacle can stop us from doing what we strive for in life! I was truly blessed and greatful that thanks to SOY I got the chance to have fun with friends, enjoy a wonderful movie, and was lucky enough to meet Derek in person!! – Sarah Cienfuegos


SOY taking a picture outside the classic Lido Theater

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