Donate Items

We always need items to help us with our operating expenses from ink for the computers to new computer programs for the students, art supplies, instruments and new computers.

Please let us know if you have any items to donate.

Current wish list includes:

Van for transportation of students to special trips and college tours

Computer paper

Cartridges for the printers [Canon (220,221) Dell (1710)]

All-in-one printer

School Supplies (pens, pencils, wite-out, etc.)


ACT Prep Books/ SAT Prep Books

Hockey Sticks

Reusable water bottles for sports, dance, and fitness classes

Soccer Balls

Soccer goalie outfit including gloves


Cases of bottled water for sports

Funding for dance program costumes

Acrylic paint 16.9 oz or bigger (Different colors needed)

Elliptical Treadmill


Long Soft-Top Surfboards for beginners



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