3 on 3 Coed Street-soccer Tourney a hit!!!


Here are the winners of our Street Soccer Tournament. Team Chelsea receiving their prize and their street cred as the champs!  We had a total of 43 participants in 12 teams that signed up. Stay active and positive young ones!

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#TBT Throw Back Thursday!


For Throw Back Thursday we’d like to share this past article with you! “The SOY program is a much bigger team than first meets the eye. A gathering of support at the organization’s annual SOY Fiesta Friday evening is a better indication.”

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SOY Dance Program is open to more students! Join today!

Checkout this amazing video put together by one of our volunteer dance instructors. Special thanks to Zoraida Rosas and Jasmine Hernandez for all the work they have been putting in to keep the dance program going. After a great summer and the summer performance at the OC Fair they are now looking forward to future events […]

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Volcom makes a big splash with the SOY Youth!


  Our SOY youth was super excited about spending a week of surfing with Volcom this Summer, and Volcom came through in a major way. They even made it possible for our young surfers to meet a surf pro during a tour of their facilities here in Costa Mesa.  Click on the image for the […]

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SOY supporting a new musical generation


Although the resources are tight SOY always finds a way to support the youth. Not only academically but artistically as well. Checkout this great article from the OC weekly about a young group of MCs coming out of SOY. This will be a story to follow!  Click on the image to read the article 

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Fresh new kicks!


The SOY Basketball team happy to get their new tennis shoes. Thank you to Big 5 in Costa Mesa for the discount, and thank you to the SOY Parents for helping us fund raise the money to make this purchase happen.

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SOY Hoops!


The SOY JAGUARS have been practicing on their moves and working on their fundamentals every week at SOY during practice. Because of their hard work they have established them selves as a one of the teams to beat in the local YMCA league. Their current records stands at 3 wins 2 loses and they are definitely playoff […]

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Beyond Sight


SOY students get invited to a special movie screening of “Beyond Sight”. The real life documentary focuses on Derek Rabelo’s journey. Born blind, he learned how to surf and eventually set his goal to try and surf Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu. The students loved the movie and were ecstatic at the end […]

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