S.O.Y. Fiesta a Success!

S.O.Y. made record funds this year at our annual Fiesta. Make sure to check out our articles in the Daily Pilot or click the links below to read online.

S.O.Y. Makes Record Funds at the Fiesta

S.O.Y. Gearing Up For the Fiesta

This year’s S.O.Y. Fiesta was a big hit! If you were unable to attend but would still love to donate, below is a link to our PayPal Donation button.

Sponsors this year were:

Event Sponsor
* Bobby Lovell

* The Frome Family Foundation
* The Bergman Family Foundation

* Chris Blank
* Don Maher
* Robert Cryer

* American Joe, Inc.
* Cesar and Mary Cappellini
* Fred and Denise Macias
* Skikos, Crawford, Skikos, Joseph & Millican LLC
* Gerry and Susana Demarsico
* Woodruff, Spradlin & Smart
* Gary and Sonja Gray
* Anonymous Donor
* Shawn Hochuli

* Pat and Adriana Suarez Desmond
* Tom and Antoinette Hohman
* Sun Meat Company (SMC)
* Patrick and Gisela Driskill
* Bill and Jinx Hansen
* Bob and Ann Egan
* Frank and Jean Forbath
* Stan and Mari Frome
* Joe and Judy Rosener
* El Pollo Loco Charities
* Wayne Carr Insurance
* Bill Turpit and Rex Allen
* Andrews & Thorton
* Diane Calderon
* Eilatan, Inc.
* Ray and Beth San Vicente

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